Photography Guidelines

Have fun!

Take only photographs.  Leave only footprints.

Keep the camera together with your pack and other belongings so it won’t get lost.

Keep the camera clean and dry.

Look up, down, to the side, in front of you, and in back of you. Artists, including good photographers, see more than most people see.

Look for patterns and shapes.

Photograph what you really like. If you are looking for the wonderful photograph that someone else took, you won’t find what is special for you.

Photograph what looks good to you through the lens of the camera.

  • If an animal looks like a tiny dot when you look through the camera lens, it will look like a tiny dot in the photograph. To be on the safe side, fill at least half the picture with the subject that interests you.
  • Look around the edges of the picture you are about to take. Be sure there is nothing in the picture that you don’t want to be there.
  • Notice where the sun is.  Do you feel the sun on your back? That usually means there is plenty of light on what you are photographing. However, some photographs look best with light coming from the side or from behind what you are photographing.

    Photograph objects that are not moving to start with. When you are more experienced and have the right kind of camera, photograph moving objects.

    Have fun!

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