The Day of the Hike

  • ICO requires at least one adult from the agency for each ten children.
  • Tell the agency person to be sure the bus driver knows the directions to the park, to bring a map, and to be prepared to give directions.
  • Before boarding the bus, make sure that the children have remembered the items they were supposed to bring. Although the ICO leaders may have some spare items, they will not have enough for the whole group. The children should come prepared. Only adults with waivers and students with waivers and permissions slips will be allowed to hike.
  • Unless otherwise arranged, the ICO leaders and volunteers for the hike will meet the school bus (or agency vehicles) at the trailhead or the hike’s starting point.
  • Leaders will conduct an orientation for the group.
  • Adults should have fun, talk with the children, share their knowledge of nature, assist in maintaining order, and otherwise help the leaders as requested.
  • Tell the agency person to verify the departure time and the arrival time at the school when signing the form for bus drivers.



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