Pre-Trip Preparation

  • Schools and agencies are responsible for getting waivers and permission slips from the parents.
  • Teachers are encouraged to prepare the children about local natural history, geography, and plant and animal life so the hike will be more meaningful and supplemental to their studies. The goal is to get the children interested in nature, rather than being just an extra exercise period.
  • If possible, the ICO hike leader(s) will visit the school a few days before the trip to prepare the children by setting expectations and initiating thoughtful discussion.
  • Teachers also should review the Hiker Reminder form (English or Spanish) with the participants (which includes Planning for Your Trip and Rules on the Trail) a few days before the trip, the day before the trip, and the morning of the trip. Special attention should be paid to wearing sturdy shoes and bringing plenty of water. Consult the trip leader about specific needs.
  • Teachers should be mindful that the hikes are easy for some but strenuous for others. Family members and other adults accompanying the children should be in as good shape as the children themselves. Strollers cannot be accommodated on a trail and most people are not capable of carrying little children for several miles up and down trails.



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