Angeles Chapter Sierra Club

Inspiring Connections Outdoors

providing opportunities to explore, enjoy and protect the natural world

In 2022,
LA ICO led





parents and teachers

works with

different agencies, primarily Title I school


of all donations go to cover outings expenses including transportation and camp fees; ICO is all-volunteer.

Whales Ho!

Angeles ICO teamed up with Cabrillo Aquarium & Spirit Cruises to offer whale watching cruises to youth.


What a cool way to sail the seas and connect with something larger than life!






Coastal Conservancy Grant









Angeles ICO outings to coastal areas in Southern California are supported by Explore The Coast, a grant from the California StatCoastal Conservancy

Parks California Grant

Angeles ICO outings to state parks are supported by Route To Parks, a grant from Parks California

CNRA Grant

The California Natural Resources Agency is a proud sponsor of Angeles ICO outings 

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Grazia Caroselli, Evolve Productions!

I would love to live in Nature because I could roll down the hill and I could climb trees.

Bright Elementary Student

Hikes are like roller coasters. There are always going to be ups and downs.

T.S. King Middle School Student

I learned that nature is really beautiful and that if you pay attention you can notice things you never did.

Jordan High School Student

I learned that nature is more beautiful in person than on my phone.

T.S. King Middle School

For many of my students, they have never been out of their neighborhood. These trips are a window into nature also I want them to see themselves as being able to go out and explore nature themselves.


ICO has made it possible to carry on the ever valuable, deeply gratifying and fun task of getting these lovable inner-city kids out on the trail. Nature takes care of the rest! Hiking with the ICO and the kids has been one of the best things I’ve experienced as a teacher.


I love the outdoors and especially hiking and I want to bring my passion to my students. I know it is a great chance to bond with my students. Many kids never have these types of experiences. I love seeing the excitement that they have before, during and after a hike.


For most of my students this is the first time they have ever gone hiking. Not only do they get to exercise but they also get a chance to explore nature.


Getting students (and myself) outside the city and comfort zones, to share the joy of nature, because kids especially need to disconnect, live simply, and be creative.



Hearts for Sight Partnership

Angeles ICO partners with an amazing organization called Hearts for Sight to improve access to hiking and wilderness areas to people with visual disabilities. Below is a video showing one hike where sighted guides from the Sierra Club (not ICO) supported a hiking trip...

Whale Watching Wows Students

Students from Animo Ralph Bunche Charter High & Stephen M. White Middle Schools see a whale off the bow of the Spirit Cruise ship. This year Angeles ICO worked with partners to provide whale watching cruises for urban students. Three cruises took place during...

Irving Middle School Explores Malibu Creek State Park

Hike group stops outside Visitor Center to pose. On February 8th, Angeles ICO took students from Irving Middle School to explore one of our gorgeous local State Parks: Malibu Creek State Park. The students got to experience a stream crossing, meet a horse, and enjoy a...

Thank You REI Arcadia!

This year's gift wrapping fundraiser was a huge success! Angeles ICO raised $3,000 for student hiking field trips! We want to say a huge thank you to REI Arcadia for allowing us to hold our fundraiser at their location. We also want to thank all of the volunteers who...

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