Interns: A Pilot Program

Internship Opportunities


What We Do

The Los Angeles Inspiring Connections Outdoors (Angeles Chapter) serves as a bridge that enables inner city youth, disabled individuals, and others to visit and develop an appreciation for our natural environment. We work with schools, community groups, and other agencies to create safe and enjoyable outdoor experiences for persons who might not otherwise have them. ICO outings promote individual growth through group activities and environmental and outdoor skills education.

During the school year ended June 30, 2012, our 40 volunteer leaders led 107 outings for 4,064 children and 557 adult participants from 41 different schools and agencies that are located in the county’s poorest neighborhoods.  The young people who participate are primarily in third grade through high school.

Responses and requests for further information can be sent to:

Elizabeth Neat,, (310) 241-0502.

2011-2012 Interns

Becky worked with ICO on two projects, both of which were designed to empower and motivate students as well as teach them about nature. She helped students in a green club at an inner city high school apply for volunteer opportunities and summer internships. She designed and implemented a pilot project, ICO Science Outdoors, which focused on giving elementary and middle-school students opportunities to engage in outdoor science labs.

William Hirschfield is currently studying biology at Dartmouth University.  Willie built on Becky’s projects.  He maintained ICO’s contact with the high school green club, assisting students with essays and applications.  He introduced the ICO Science Outdoors curriculum to new teachers and schools.

Both interns did pre and post trip visits to classrooms and assisted on ICO hikes.

Sample Projects

Here are some examples of current projects of Los Angeles ICO in which individuals might choose to assist. Each provides opportunities for learning and for involvement in developing an appreciation for and understanding of our natural environment. It is a chance to make a difference in the lives of our most underserved population.

ICO Science Outdoors: Create and implement science lessons that incorporate California State Standards. Lessons should include both classroom lessons and outdoor, hands-on experiences.

ICO Fundraising: Participate in fundraising committee activities, including grant writing and the design and implementation of fundraising events.

Ways to Get Involved

Young people in college have opportunities to participate with ICO as interns. In order to ensure that the time spent with ICO is mutually beneficial to the interns, the young people who participate in our outings, and to our organization, we make the internship opportunities as flexible as possible. Each internship is planned as a collaboration that engages the intern, ICO members and, usually, underserved urban youth.

Interns work under the guidance of an experienced ICO leader. Each intern selects a special project which allows him or her to use research, problem solving, and creative skills to further environmental goals.

Interns are a key part of ICO and benefit by gaining valuable experience in a nationally respected, non-profit, environmental organization. Those who successfully complete their internships are assured letters of recommendation. The experience that interns receive in combination with the resume boost will certainly improve their employment chances in the future. All of our internships are unpaid.

To initiate your internship, send a copy of your resume and a statement of what you hope to accomplish by working with ICO to For further information, contact Elizabeth Neat at (310) 241-0502.

Download Science Outdoors Curriculum for Teachers [Word doc: 4.9Mb ]


ARCHIVE: 2014-2015 Internship Program

Los Angeles ICO (Inspiring Connections Outdoors) of the Sierra Club is pleased to announce that we are now accepting applications for our 2014-2015 internship program from students currently enrolled in local universities! Applications are due by Wednesday September 10th and should be emailed to the program coordinator at Training will be September 14.

Los Angeles ICO is a non-profit organization that leads hiking, camping, and outdoor science trips for underserved K-12 grade classes. We are seeking 4-6 Environmental Science Educator interns for the 2014-2015 school year who are willing to devote 4-7 hours per week to help build upon and implement our outdoor science education program. Applicants should be enrolled in a 4 year university in the Los Angeles area and should have completed at least 9-12 credits in one or multiple of the following areas: ecology, environmental science, chemistry, biology, environmental studies, psychology, or related field. Interns will work with local teachers and an environmental science PhD student to design and implement 3-day outdoor science field trips, based on the California Science Standards. The internship will provide students with experience in teaching, curriculum design, and program evaluation. Motivated students may also have the opportunity to take part in research examining the effectiveness of outdoor science education on learning outcomes. This position is ideal for self-motivated and independent students interested in applying their science backgrounds and gaining skills in teaching and program evaluation. The internship will help prepare you for graduate school or for careers in non-profits or education. The internships are unpaid.